International BLS Day …………

BLS day ….

World Biomedical Laboratory Science day is celebrated by Medical Laboratory Technologists and Biomedical Laboratory Scientists world over on the 15th of April every year.

With the participation of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists and Medical Laboratory Technologists  (MLT) world over has formed an umbrella organization by the name of International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists (IFBLS). The Genera Assembly of Delegates of the IFBLS met in Oslo Sweden in 1996 and agreed to declare this day. The objective of declaring a BLS day is to make people aware of the invaluable service done by laboratory Scientists and MLTT and how important it is in the patient care service.

What is this Biomedical Laboratory Science . It is an essential component of patient care service . It helps the clinician to find out the pathology   of a disease. Here the patients Blood , Uri ne other excretory products ,various body fluids are analysed and gene technology and molecular biology is applied in a laboratory. In the prehistoric era clinicians them selves  analysed  patients blood to find out the pathology and identify the disease and its cause. At the beginning of 20th century marked the birth of laboratory scientists and opening of pathology laboratory. This gave a big relief to clinicians and devote their time for curing patients and also to identify new diseases. Laboratory scientists in pathology laboratories were working with patients blood and body fluids were came to be known as Medical Laboratory Technologists and later as Biomedical Laboratory Scientists.

In 1954, a dedicated Medical Laboratory Technologist Ms. Elisabeth  Pletscher  and her  Swiss colleagues  invited Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLT) for their first international gathering in Zurich, Switzerland .This was a historic occasion that marked the beginning of International Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists (IAMLT) and still considered to be a significant land mark in the field of Medical Laboratory Science. The IAMLT did a tremendous service to foster and promote Biomedical Laboratory  Science  internationally. IAMLT knowing very well that Medical Laboratory Technology is an autonomous profession work for general well being of mankind  ,introduced code of ethics for Medical Laboratory Technologists in 1992. Year by year IAMLT expanded its membership world wide  and in 2004 they invited associations formed and functioning in various countries to join hands with IAMLT  to form a Federation of biomedical laboratory scientists of the world. This paved  the way to the establishment of International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists ( IFBLS).  Today IFBLS has nearly 190,000members world wide having its office in Hamilton Canada. As clearly stated in its mission statement that IFBLS   support continuous education for professional development   to become competent Medical Laboratory Technologists  who use high quality standards and safe guard the professional ethics for a world wide good laboratory practice.

Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists Sri Lanka is the associate member from Sri Lanka in the IFBLS following its mission statement ,work  to achieve its objective. We in Sri Lanka conduct education programes, seminars, symposiums and  work shops regularly under the continuous education for Medical Laboratory Technologists in Sri Lanka for their professional development. To celebrate this years world BLS day  AMLT-Sri Lanka planned  a banner display highlighting this years theme” Laboratory Ethics” , writing an article to news paper on BLS day and a community programme with lectures  on Biomedical Laboratory Science  and quality Laboratory    practice.

Asoka Jayawardena

Prasident  AMLT-SL